Hype, a Changan variant that excites

Is the family of variants called Hype worth all the excitement it generates? Let’s find out why the Changan CS55 Plus Hype truly excites.

Hype is an interesting word for Changan. It’s not just used for marketing; it’s also a family of variants. From the CS35 Plus to the CS55 Plus, the “hype” is real, and it’s a great deal all things considered.

Excited about the sound system

A standout feature in the CS55 Plus is the Pioneer Premium Sound System. It’s the first time we’ve seen Pioneer team up with a Chinese brand, and we’re impressed with the sound quality. The bass is powerful, the mids are clear, and the highs are crisp. This level of audio enjoyment used to be reserved for more expensive vehicles, but Changan wants everyone to experience sonic bliss while driving.

Hyped about the bass changan cs55 plus

Excited about lasting safety

Besides the enjoyable features, we can’t forget about the safety aspects. Changan offers some of the most advanced safety systems in the Hype variant of the CS55 Plus. The Automatic Emergency Brake System and Forward Collision Warning enhance safety for both the driver and others.

Adaptive cruise control is another sought-after feature. It’s a nice luxury to activate cruise control and let the car do its job. Previously, it required caution, but with Changan’s adaptive system, that’s no longer necessary.

Changan CS55Plus Changan

The final piece of safety is a built-in dashboard camera that uses the CS55 Plus’ panoramic camera. The HD Driving Recorder System provides a 540-degree view of the car’s surroundings. It helps with parking, navigating narrow streets, and reviewing accidents.

Is it worth the Hype?

Changan is one of the fastest-growing brands, mainly thanks to the value their cars offer. The Hype variant is one of the best deals in the lineup; it meets your expectations. You’ll find that the CS55 Plus Hype is more than enough for your needs and comes at a price that truly excites. Check it out for yourself.