Does Changan make high-quality cars?

Changan is a relatively new brand in the automotive market of Aruba, but it has already brought several attractive models such as the Alsvin, an affordable subcompact sedan with modern features, and the CS35 Plus and CS55 Plus crossovers. They also have the Hunter pickup truck, thoughtfully designed to be your best companion for adventures and work.

Despite being a relatively new brand, the quality and reliability of Changan’s cars are important questions. So, we aim to answer whether they really produce high-quality cars.

Changan Benni E-star

What is Changan’s background?

Changan is considered one of China’s “big four” automotive manufacturers. Its history dates back to 1862 when it started as a military supply factory, long before automobiles existed. Over time, it transformed into a powerful company, selling over 2 million vehicles annually.


Changan’s partnerships

The company has active partnerships with renowned brands like Ford and Mazda. Together, they have produced some of the most popular models such as the Explorer, Escape, and EcoSport. If such big brands trust Changan to manufacture their vehicles, it is a signal that their quality meets global standards.


What’s next for Changan?

Although Changan is new in Aruba, it has extensive experience in manufacturing vehicles for China and neighboring countries. Their partnership with Ford and Mazda has been fruitful, demonstrating their ability to compete with well-known brands worldwide.

Changan will continue to strive to prove that their cars are just as good as those from leading brands in the United States, Europe, Korea, and Japan. Despite the challenges, they are determined to earn consumers’ trust and continue innovating in the automotive industry.