The story behind Changan in Aruba:

The future of mobility in Aruba has arrived with Changan. Its name means “Lasting Safety.” This is the newest car brand that offers to the Aruban public.

Changan is one of China’s top four car brands, with a long tradition of 158 years of business excellence and 37 years of vehicle manufacturing experience. In 2019, they sold 1.3 million vehicles worldwide.

From their first mass-produced vehicle, the Changjiang Type 46 jeep launched in 1958, to their current lineup of innovative cars, Changan embodies “victory” and “value” in five key areas: innovation, intelligence, quality, design, and sustainability.

As the “Never-Stop Tech and Care Provider,” Changan focuses on offering affordable and value-laden cars, investing significantly in annual product research and development.

Their global R&D network spans three continents and includes a team of 80,000 people from 24 countries. They have established facilities in China and other locations to develop cutting-edge technology in vehicle design and performance.

Changan has earned the trust of 19 million satisfied customers worldwide. Each Changan vehicle undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its durability and performance.

The company stands out for its focus on “stylish, intelligent, eco-friendly, and enjoyable” technologies and fundamental aspects such as safety and design.

Changan is a pioneer in mass-producing intelligent vehicles that seamlessly connect through the cloud, offering a smarter and safer driving experience.

In Aruba, Changan strives to build relationships based on trust with motorists. They offer stylish, technologically advanced, and high-value cars. Additionally, their after-sales service is outstanding, including a 5-year or 150,000-kilometer warranty.

Changan is committed to providing Arubans with a “Lasting Safety” driving experience. If you are looking for a car that combines style, technology, and quality, visit our dealership and discover everything that Changan has to offer.