Oshan X7: Aruba´s Drive To Innovation

Aruba, get ready to witness the arrival of automotive excellence as the Changan Oshan X7 makes its debut on your shores. This masterpiece on wheels is not just a car; it’s a marvel in motion, a fusion of confidence, superiority, and authoritative presence with a touch of sporty elegance. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the captivating exterior, luxurious interior, comfort features, future-forward innovations, energy efficiency, safety measures, and the stunning color palette that defines the Changan Oshan X7.

Changan Oshan X7 Exterior: A Marvel in Motion

The exterior of the Changan Oshan X7 is a true work of art, designed to make heads turn and jaws drop. Its aggressive angular design creates a symphony of visual delight. The Dynamic Surgeflo Grill, inspired by calm yet aggressive ocean waves, adds flair to the bold stance of the X7. The dual waistline design, accented by sporty red trims, and a superlong 2,786mm wheelbase establish dominance on the road. The continuous LED tail lamps and faux exhaust tips contribute to the premium elegance of this remarkable vehicle.

The Changan Oshan X7 boasts the industry’s largest wheel setup with air turbine-inspired 225/55 R19 tires on alloy wheels, providing a stable and smooth drive. The integrated rearview mirrors come with a smart welcome entry package, greeting you with opened side view mirrors, breathing headlights, and unlocked doors when the key is near.

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Interior: Expansive & Luxurious

Step inside the Changan Oshan X7, and you’ll be greeted by an expansive and luxurious interior. The faux ivory-white details and multi-tier dashboard add sophistication and a futuristic touch. The vehicle offers a generous 1,407 liters of luggage space, providing a feeling of space and versatility in configuration options. Choose between 5 seat business executive seats or a more utility-oriented 7 seat variant. Heated and ventilated seats make long drives exceptionally comfortable.


The 7-inch LCD screen is the command center for fuel efficiency monitoring, car distance monitoring, tyre health information, and smart driving control. The intelligent health management system, featuring a PM0.1 filter, keeps the air fresh through plasma air purification, effectively killing bacteria and filtering viruses. Rear AC vents offer personalized cooling options for passengers.

Comfort: Elevating the Driving Experience

Changan Oshan X7 takes comfort seriously. The touch panel air-conditioning, large center console, powered tailgate, and remote engine start contribute to a comfortable and convenient driving experience. The powered tailgate, with load sensing, provides convenience at the touch of a button.

Enjoy ample lighting with the dual light cabin and reading light setup. The central cupholder and mobile holder, along with a dedicated spot for sunglasses, add to the convenience. The X7’s cabin is a sanctuary of comfort, ensuring that every journey is as enjoyable as it is stylish.

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FutureSense: Innovation Beyond Imagination

Embrace the future with the Changan Oshan X7’s innovative features. From Adaptive Cruise Control to Forward Collision Warning and Automatic Emergency Braking, the X7 incorporates intelligent technology for a safer and more convenient driving experience. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) supports mobile screen mirroring, hands-free calling, and quick controls for various vehicle settings.

Energy: Powerful and Efficient

Under the hood, the Changan Oshan X7 boasts a 1.5L Turbocharged engine, delivering 300 Nm of torque while maintaining optimal fuel efficiency. The 7-speed DCT wet clutch ensures uninterrupted power delivery and fuel efficiency by optimizing gear shifting. Choose between different drive modes tailored to your preferences, including Eco, Sports, Comfort, and Custom modes.

Safety: A Commitment to Protection

Safety is a top priority in the Changan Oshan X7, featuring standard 4 airbags, ISOFIX seats, reverse lamps, and heated side mirrors. The vehicle is equipped with advanced safety technologies, including Hill Descent Control, Vehicle Stability Control, and Anti-Lock Braking, ensuring a secure drive in various terrains and conditions.

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Model and Colors: Reflecting Contemporary Design Aesthetics

The Changan Oshan X7 isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a statement. With its contemporary design aesthetics and a palette of colors like Cosmic Red, Orion Blue, Galaxy Black, Space Grey, Lunar Silver, and Stellar White, the X7 is set to turn the streets of Aruba into a canvas of automotive art.

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In conclusion

the Changan Oshan X7 is not just a car; it’s a transformative experience on wheels. As it arrives in Aruba, get ready to redefine your driving standards. From its captivating exterior to its luxurious interior, advanced features, and commitment to safety, the Changan Oshan X7 is set to elevate your journey on the road. Welcome the future of driving with open arms as the Changan Oshan X7 graces Aruba’s roads with its presence.